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Feral pigs are becoming a bigger and bigger problem throughout Florida. Not only are they dangerous animals but they cause massive destruction to the areas they come into. Only an expert should attempt feral hog removal.

Our wild hog control team is among the best in the business. We have the expertise and knowledge to help eliminate wild pigs and stop the damage they do.

Damaged Landscaping Done Overnight by Feral Pigs

landscape damage by wild hogs

We work with golf courses, homeowners associations, businesses and homeowners to safely trap and remove wild pigs and hogs that are destroying property and costing them thousands to repair and replace landscaping, sod and irrigation systems.

We use hog traps to capture and relocate the pigs to monitored feeding pens. We not only set up the pens and remove the captured hogs as they get trapped, but also have a team of tracking dogs that are raised and trained for capturing the big alpha males and large reproducing sows.

We will come out and provide a free assessment of the property in order to give you the best options and solutions for your feral pig problem. All captures are done as discretely as possible.

Safe Wild Hog Trapping Tampa Bay

Feral pigs are one of the most dangerous animals we deal with. Be sure to only deal with a professional, licensed, insured and permitted wildlife removal company.

feral hog trapping team

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We provide the best options for trapping and removing feral hogs from your property. All captures are done as discretely as possible. Contact us for a free estimate.

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  • We have the expertise and knowledge to help eliminate feral hogs and stop the damage they do.


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