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Expert Bee Removal in Tampa Bay

Bees are extremely important to the environment and we prefer to avoid extermination if possible.

If the bees have made it inside your house, then extermination is most likely the only solution. They won’t leave on their own. The queen bee prefers to nest in a hollow place with a small opening. Bee removal should only be done by experienced pest control technicians.

Wasp Nest

Common bee and wasp nesting places include:

  • The walls or a house or business
  • The attic, usually close to the soffit
  • Under the floor of a raised house or trailer
  • In outdoor air conditioning units, sheds, old tires, boats or old cars and RV’s
  • The hollow of a tree

You can tell if the bees are nesting inside your property by looking to see if they are going in and out of an opening during the day. If so, they are nesting inside.

Our service is guaranteed. If the bees are not completely gone after 3 days, we will retreat them. If the bees come back, we will come back and treat again. In the case of honey bees, if accessible, we will remove the honey comb. If the nest material or honey comb is inaccessible, we will fill and in case the area which will also prevent future infestation.

Visiting bees

Bees which are out looking for food during the day may detect this old nesting site. They may attempt to enter, but will eventually leave or die off. They are typically only scout bees and are not making a new colony. Visiting bees do not spend the night. They return to their home after they have scouted the area.

They can be stopped by sealing all openings, cracks and holes within 10-15 feet of the main opening. We will seal these areas once the original colony has left or been exterminated. Sealing too early may force them into your house.

We will come back out and treat again if the bees return. Usually this will not happen as the extermination process is very thorough, warding off any new colonies. Re-infestation can be prevented by reducing the odor given off by the bee hive by filling the cavity. We also do this after the original colony has been removed.
pest control technician removing wasps

Wasp Removal

We are also experts at ridding your home and business of all kinds of wasps and hornets.
YELLOW JACKETS CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS – please do not try to eliminate these on your own, call a professional!

For anyone who needs someone to remove bees and such, I would highly recommend Steve Barker from Phoenix to complete the job. He is honest and very complete…

– Shelly
Tampa, FL

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